Basic Principles of Mediation

1. A relaxed body, a relaxed mind

It wasn’t until I saw meditation as a physical state, and not an excuse to avoid thinking, that I truly made progress. The subconscious isn’t just the brain. Our emotions are embodied in our bodies as stimuli. Stress, anxiety, and concern all cause tightness in the body like our lower back, […]

3. Tune in the breath

My own concept of meditation is that it is the calm enjoyment of basic pleasures like breathing—and being responsive to the awareness that comes as we do so. The trick here is not to feel like you’ve got to breathe long and hard, because it says you’re doing something in a meditation or yoga book, just because it’s good. Tied in with the first position of a comfortable body, love breathing because […]

2. The brain Swing

Enable the brain to sink into what I label the “brain swing.” Swings are fun while we’re in them because we’re going to relax and let go. The brain wants to rest, too. It is unceasingly processed and analyzed. Modern culture sees an active mind as positive, but meditation shows one that being busy is not necessarily a virtue. […]

4. Open your heart

In my view, there are two general schools of meditation. One is what I call the “be present” school, stressing the calmness and calmness of our busy thoughts. The second is about experiencing our relation to all things, or what I call “heart wisdom.” My personal aha moment came when I knew that they were interrelated. Through shutting your heart, you will become more conscious, and by being present, your heart can unlock.. […]

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The mind is as hard to master as the wind,”

The ways meditation can alter the brain

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Meditation Reduces Activity in the Brain’s Me Center

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